Controller Map

Quick Start

1. Open the controller map
2. Turn on MIDI learn
3. Move a VST or mixer control
4. Send a MIDI CC to learn, or set CC manually
5. Turn off MIDI learn when done


Controller Map Window


Select a program, toggle MIDI learn on and off, and view a small indicator of the last CC recieved.


Here you can assign CCs to control XT2's transporter. Either set the CCs manually using the value boxes, or double-click each name for MIDI learn. To disable, drag the value down to “--” or type “-1” as the value.

The transporter responds to external MIDI input only, from any MIDI Inputs enabled in Setup.

For Play, Stop, Rew, and Rec, any nonzero CC value will trigger the function. This has the same effect as clicking the transport buttons.

For bpm, the tempo will be set to double the CC value, but only within the range from 10-250 bpm. In other words: CC values of 0-5 will all set the tempo to 10 bpm, a value of 60 will set it to 120 bpm, and values 125-127 will set it to 250 bpm.


This is the main section of the Controller Map. To add parameters, turn on MIDI learn. Move a GUI control, then turn a knob on your MIDI controller (or otherwise send a CC). Repeat until you have mapped all the desired controls, and then turn off MIDI learn.

The Controller Map window can be resized to show more (or fewer) mappings at once.

Each mapped parameter has the following structure:

Value Indicator
A small meter showing how the CC is controlling the parameter.
Parameter Name
Displays the name of the controlled parameter. This is also a dropdown menu where you can select any other parameter in the same component.
Selected CC to control the parameter.
Range (Min/Max)
The incoming CC values will be mapped to this range. When Min is greater than Max, the range is reversed.

To delete a mapping, right-click on the “Range” text and select Delete. Note: Add is not very useful at the moment. It simply adds a blank box.

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