Defining a Default Project

You can make a default project that is pre-loaded with some useful stuff. Some ideas:

The built-in MIDI output from energyXT2 doesn't always work very well, and isn't available for Linux. In your default project, delete the "MIDI Out" component, and replace it with your favorite MIDI-out VST plugin.

There is no clipping indicator on the Master Out. Put a VST with a clipping indicator as an insert on the Master Out channel.

You may not want Audio tracks to monitor the input when selected. Set Monitor to “Manual” or “Record” in your default project.

Clock too small? Want different units? Put an insertpizhere Big Clock in the default project.

CPU meter? Try insertpizhere cpuram VST.

Tempo track automation? Since it is not yet built in, you could prepare a default project with the Tempo track workaround.

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