Info for VST Developers

Some tips for making your VST plugin work best in energyXT2.

Instruments vs. Effects

All VST plugins are treated equally by energyXT. All that matters is the type and number of inputs and outputs the plugin has.

Stereo vs. Mono Pins

For plugins with exactly two inputs or outputs the connections will appear in energyXT as one stereo pin. If the plugin has more than two inputs or outputs, and some or all of them should be treated as stereo pairs:

  • In VstPinProperties, set the kVstPinIsStereo flag for the first pin (or both pins) of each stereo pair.

Otherwise, energyXT will treat the pins as separate mono connections.

If using SynthEdit, you currently can't do this for inputs, so inputs of SynthEdit plugins (when there are more than two inputs) will be treated as separate mono pins.

Plugins with no outputs

Plugins with no outputs will not be able to process audio. Even if your plugin does not output any audio or MIDI, it should still have an output of some kind.

Program Names

Program names will not show in energyXT2 if getProgramNameIndexed() is not implemented.

Plugins without a GUI

For plugins with no GUI, energyXT2's GUI only allows the user to access 101 values of each parameter. If you need more precision, consider giving the plugin its own GUI.

Please implement getParameterLabel() (for the parameter's units). If you want it to be blank, just stuff <label> with " " (a space).

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