Drum Tracks

The Drum Track in XT2 is a track with an integrated drum machine. You load samples by dragging them directly onto the track, and then each sample gets a lane in the sequencer where you can insert drum hits.

Dragging a Drum Track .xtc clip to the sequencer will create a Drum Track with the clip's embedded samples. Dragging a clip to an existing Drum Track will keep the current samples. This way, you can use saved drum patterns with different samples.

Track Header

Dragging a sample to an empty track header area creates a new Drum Track starting with that sample. You can also add or replace samples to an existing Drum Track by drag & drop. Drag over an existing sample to replace it, or between existing samples (or at the bottom) to add it. There is a red line indicating what's going to happen.

Expanding a sample shows the waveform, and a dropdown to select a step parameter. Clicking on the waveform will trigger the sample. The selected parameter can be adjusted for each hit of that sample. See Drum Parts below.

Drum Sampler Window



Pad View

Sample View

Drum Parts

Drum hits are entered at the current snap size, and you can change the length of each hit for clarity, but this is only a visual property; the sample is always played in full (between the Start and End points defined in the Drum Sampler), except in the case of choke groups.

To achieve control over the length of a hit, you can add a blank sample and group it with all the other samples you want control over. Then insert this blank hit to cut off any other hit.

MIDI Input

The Drum Sampler can also be triggered by MIDI through the Drum Track's input, so it's possible to play it live, record patterns from a MIDI controller, or use it as a separate module from the main sequencer.

The Drum Sampler responds on all MIDI channels. The first sample is triggered by C1 (note 36), the second by C#1 (note 37), and so on. Velocity is used as the Volume parameter of a hit. Note length is not used; hits are visually the size of a 16th note.

Using the Drum Sampler outside of the Sequencer

The best way to do this at the moment is to put a Sequencer inside an energyXT2 VSTi. That way, the MIDI input won't be recorded to the Drum Track when you're recording in the main sequencer.

In the XT2 VST, add a Sequencer, and add your Drum Track to it. Then you can dock the Drum Sampler, and rename the VST to "Drum Sampler" and no one will know the difference.

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