Feature Comparison

(may not be totally accurate…)

Feature Core version Compact version Full version
Price € 19 (or free with Computer Music magazine) Free with some Behringer hardware € 49
Upgrade to Full € 39 € 29
Audio channels ? 8/8 32/32
MIDI/audio Tracks Max 6 Tracks (MIDI/audio) Max 8 Tracks (MIDI/audio/drum) Unlimited
Drum Tracks Not supported Max 8 Tracks (MIDI/audio/drum) Unlimited
VST Instruments Max 3 Max 8 Unlimited
Send Effects Max 1 Max 2 Unlimited
Insert Effects Max 1 per track Max 2 per track Unlimited
Internal synth/FX Not supported Yes Yes
Arpeggiator Not supported Not supported Yes
REX2/xtc loops Not supported Save xtc only Yes
MP3 support (via lame) Not supported Import Import/Export
Freeze/bounce to new track Not supported Not supported Yes
Time stretch/pitch-shift Not supported Yes Yes
Vector-based automation of Mixer, Instruments and Effects Not supported Not supported Yes
Export to wav/aiff Yes Yes Yes
Download and create your own skins Not supported Yes Yes
XT2 VST Versions Not supported Not supported Yes
Unlock energyXT 1.4.1 Not supported Not supported Yes
MIDI Input ? 1 Unlimited
MIDI Output ? 1 Unlimited

If you try to use features that are not available in a limited version, XT2 will ask if you want to switch to demo mode. You will be allowed to save the project before switching to demo mode.

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