The Group is an empty component that does nothing to the signal by itself, but lets you group audio outputs from other components for routing convenience. The Group has a mixer strip where you can add EQ/Inserts/Sends, or adjust the volume & pan position of the grouped signal.

A Group component has one audio input and one audio output (both stereo), as well as a MIDI input for automation.

Groups can be created from the mixer (Add group button) or in the Modular area.

After adding a Group, you can select it as the output destination of any other component. If you add multiple Groups, you can rename them to tell them apart. Groups can be routed to other Groups.

To automate a Group's parameters from the sequencer, create an instrument track and route it to the Group. You can then add envelopes for the Group's mixer strip parameters, as well as the parameters of any Insert effects. MIDI notes from the instrument track will also be sent to the Group's Insert effects.

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