Windows Installation

Windows 2000/XP/Vista is required; energyXT2 has been reported not to work on Windows 98. According to the download page, the minimum requirements are a 1.4GHz PC with 512MB RAM. You will also need about 10MB of disk space.

Recommended: Soundcard with ASIO drivers

When installing energyXT2 for the first time, it is recommended to run the installer, available here: It says “download demo,” but it only runs in demo mode when no valid license key is present.

The installer is named “setup.exe”. All it does is copy a few files to “C:\Program Files\energyXT2” (or anywhere you choose), and optionally makes shortcuts on the Start Menu and/or Desktop.

Installed Files

In the energyXT2 folder, you will find:

  • clips folder - Some example bass and drum .xtc clips
  • presets folder - A few presets for the Synthesizer and the Multi Effect
  • projects folder - Contains three demo projects
  • energyXT2.exe - The main executable
  • energyXT.ini - Settings file, created the first time you run energyXT2
  • eula.txt - The license you agreed to during installation
  • libaam.dll - Audio and MIDI interface, required to use ASIO and external MIDI connections
  • unins000.dat, unins000.exe - Files needed for uninstallation

Other stuff you may need

  • License key, if you have purchased XT2. The license key is a file named xt.lck or massiva.key.
  • REX Shared Library - for REX2 support; may already be installed (e.g. if Reason or ReCycle is already installed).
  • Lame - for mp3 import/export, put lame.exe in the energyXT2 folder, or somewhere in the System Path (like C:\WINDOWS).

VST Version Installation

The energyXT2 VST and VSTi plugin versions are distributed as a zip archive.

To install:

  1. Extract the two files to your VST plugin folder.
  2. Copy your xt.lck or massiva.key to the same folder.
  3. Also copy lame.exe to the folder, for mp3 support.

Mac OS X Installation

Requirements: OS X 10.4, 1.4GHz CPU, 512MB RAM.

Open the disk image and drag the energyXT2 folder to your Applications folder.

Other stuff you may need

  • lame - for mp3 import/export

Linux Installation

Requirements: X, ALSA, 1.4GHz CPU, 512MB RAM

Recommended: jack

Extract the contents of the archive somewhere on your filesystem, such as your home folder.

Other stuff you may need


As of October 26 2018 the update versions of energyXT are not anymore available on the energyXT.

Beta versions

As of October 26 2018 the beta page on the energyXT homepage isn't available anymore.
Thus no beta versions can be downloaded anymore.

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