Keyboard/Mouse Control

Here is a list of everything you can do in energyXT2 using the keyboard (and mouse+keyboard). To change the configurable shortcuts, see Shortcuts Setup. Defaults are listed below.

energyXT2 default shortcuts


Action Default Shortcut Description
Zoom in + [Sequencer] Zoom in centered on the play cursor if Autoscroll is on, or centered in the middle of the sequencer view if Autoscroll is off.
Zoom out - [Sequencer] Zoom out centered on the play cursor if Autoscroll is on, or centered in the middle of the sequencer view if Autoscroll is off.
Loop on/off L [Sequencer] When on, the sequencer will loop playback within the defined loop area.
Left locator 1 [Sequencer] Move playhead to left loop locator
Right locator 2 [Sequencer] Move playhead to right loop locator
Play selection Shift Enter [Sequencer] Sets loop area to selected parts and starts playback.
Loop selection Ctrl P [Sequencer] Sets loop area to selected parts.
Quantize Ctrl Q [Sequencer] Moves selected events (or all events in selected parts) to nearest grid line. Doesn't work on envelope points.
Next Beat 6 [Sequencer] Move playhead ahead by one quarter note
Prior Beat 4 [Sequencer] Move playhead back by one quarter note
Mixer F9 Open Mixer (or hide it, if it's already open and not docked)
Browser F3 Show/hide Browser
Setup F6 Open Setup window
Find Ctrl F Move keyboard focus to the Browser search box
Edit Ctrl E [Modular] Opens selected component for editing.
[Sequencer] Opens popup editor for selected part.
Edit in-place E [Sequencer] Expand/collapse selected track(s) for inline editing
Rename Ctrl R Rename selected component/track/part
Export Project (wav, aif, mp3) F5 Opens Export Project dialog (only works when a sequencer is in the project)
Prior Page F1 Prior docked page
Next Page F2 Next docked page
Prior Program 8 Previous program in the focused window
Next Program 9 Next program in the focused window
Metronome C Metronome on/off


Action Default Shortcut Description
New… Ctrl N New project dialog / Welcome screen
Open… Ctrl O (open)
Save Ctrl S (save)
Save as… Ctrl Shift S (save as)
Open Last Ctrl L Re-open last opened project


Action Default Shortcut Description
Undo Ctrl Z Undo the last action (look at the Undo button in the main toolbar to see what this action was).
Redo Ctrl Y Re-does the last undone action (look at the Redo button in the main toolbar to see what this action was).
Repeat Ctrl D Modular: Duplicates the selected component; Sequencer: Makes a ghost copy of the selected part.
Delete Del (Backspace) Deletes selected component/track/part/event, or silences selected range of audio. Backspace does the same thing but cannot be configured.
Select All Ctrl A Selects all components/parts/events
Cut Ctrl X Removes selected part/event/audio and copies it to the clipboard
Copy Ctrl C Copies selected part/event/audio to the clipboard
Paste Ctrl V Pastes last copied part/event/audio at the location of the mouse pointer


Action Default Shortcut Description
Play Enter (Space) Play, or Stop if already playing. Space Bar does the same thing but cannot be configured.
Record R Starts or stops recording. If XT2 is stopped, playback is also started. Recording can be turned on and off while playing for punch in/out functionality.
Stop 0 Stops playback. If already stopped, this will send a MIDI “All Notes Off” message to all connected instruments.
Rewind to start 3 (Home) Returns the playhead to time 0. Home key also does this but cannot be configured.
Rewind to last play 5 Returns the playhead to the position where playback was started.


Action Default Shortcut Description
Note preview P Toggles note preview on/off (play midi/drum sounds when inserting or moving notes)
Mute M Toggles track mute on/off for selected track(s)
Solo S Toggles track solo on/off for selected track(s)
Mute Part Ctrl M (mute part on/off)
Show track comp Ctrl Space Opens the GUI windows of the selected track's destination instruments
Split at cursor Ctrl K Splits selected part(s), or all parts when none are selected, at the position of the play cursor
Insert bars Shift I Inserts empty space into the sequencer based on the loop area. Parts are split at the left loop locator and the shifted to the right loop locator.
Remove bars Shift R Removes everything within the loop area and shifts the remaining parts to the left.
Channel strip F7 Show/hide mixer channel strip
Add track Ctrl Insert Adds a track of the currently selected type, or an instrument track if no tracks are selected.
Zoom selection Ctrl + Zooms so that selected parts (or all parts if none are selected) fill the sequencer view
Snap X Toggles snapping to grid
Snap prior Ctrl Shift X Selects prior snap value
Snap next Shift X Selects next snap value
Autoscroll J Turns autoscroll on/off. When on, the sequencer will scroll to follow the play cursor, and zoom in/out will be centered on the play cursor.
Scroll octave up PageUp Scrolls one octave up in the popup piano roll or the inline piano roll for selected track(s)
Scroll octave down PageDown Scrolls one octave up in the popup piano roll or the inline piano roll for selected track(s)
Freeze Ctrl F Freeze/unfreeze selected track(s)
Glue Ctrl G Glues selected parts together into one part (or one part per track if parts are selected across multiple tracks)
Un-ghost Ctrl U Turns a ghost part into an independent part
Object-bar O Show/hide the Object Bar
Markers T Show/hide marker lane
Add marker Ctrl T Add marker at currently selected part(s), or loop region if no parts selected
Delete marker Ctrl Shift T Delete selected marker
Prior marker < Jump to prior marker
Next marker Z Jump to next marker
Bounce to audio track Ctrl B Renders the project (optionally within the loop area only) and puts the result as an audio part on a new track.
Crossfade Shift X Crossfade selected audio parts
Step record F4 Toggles step recording on/off

Other keyboard/mouse commands

Window Management

Keyboard Control
Cycle through windows Ctrl Tab Switches between open windows
Maximize F11 Maximize/restore window
Cancel Escape Close subwindow, dismiss menu, stop editing text field, etc.
Mouse Control
Maximize Double-click title bar Maximize/restore window
Switch page Wheel up/down (over dock bar) Switch between dock pages with the mouse wheel
Context Menu Right-click title bar Options: maximize/restore, dock/undock, close window


Applies to the Sequencer, inline editor, and popup editor.

Keyboard Control
Action Shortcut Description
Scroll left , scroll left
Scroll right . scroll right
Move playhead to start Home In the popup editor, moves the playhead to the beginning of the part. In the arrangement area, moves playhead to time 0.
Select track up/down arrows
Select part/event left/right arrows Select the previous/next part on a track, or in inline editing mode, the previous/next item (midi event, drum hit, audio event, envelope point) in the selected part
Select range of tracks Shift up/down arrows (select a range of items - track, event list)
Select range of parts/events Shift left/right arrows (select a range of items - part, midi note, drum hit, audio event)
Move tracks/events Ctrl up/down arrows (move items - tracks, notes, drum hits, audio events)
Transpose events by octave Ctrl Shift up/down arrows (transpose midi notes by octave, move drum hit by 12 spaces)
Move parts/events Ctrl left/right arrows (move items - parts, notes, drum hits, CC events, envelope points)
Adjust event value Alt up/down arrows (adjust value of items - note velocity, drum hit parameter, CC events, envelope points)
Adjust part/event length Alt left/right arrows (adjust length of items - notes, drum hits)
Mouse Control
Action Shortcut Description
Select click
Toggle Track Selection Ctrl click For selecting multiple tracks, or deselecting all tracks.
Toggle Part/Event Selection Shift click For selecting multiple parts/events. Shift-clicking overlapping items selects all items at the clicked location. Also, with overlapping parts/events, shift-clicking a selected part/event will deselect it and select the one underneath.
Select Range of Tracks Shift click Selects all tracks between selected track and clicked track
Add Track Double-click (empty track area) Creates a new track of the type currently selected (or an Instrument track if none are selected)
Create Part Double-click or Alt click (part arrangement area) Creates a new empty part the size of the loop area if created within the loop area, or one bar in length if created outside of the loop
Insert Event Double-click or Alt click (inline/popup editor) Creates a new note/CC/Envelope point/Drum hit, following snap settings. For notes, optionally uses length/velocity of last inserted note. Drag after inserting to move the event. Hold Alt and drag after inserting to adjust note length/velocity.
Duplicate Part (Ghost) Ctrl-drag Creates ghost parts of selected parts
Duplicate Part (Non-Ghost) Ctrl Shift drag Creates new independent copies of selected parts
Duplicate Event Ctrl-drag Duplicates selected notes/envelopes/drum hits
Delete Event Right-click Deletes selected notes/envelope points/drum hits (not CC events)
Split Alt Right-click Splits part or event at the mouse cursor location, following snap settings
"Hand" Scroll Right-click-drag Scroll part arrangement area or piano roll up/down/left/right (works like the "hand" in Photoshop)
Horizontal Zoom Ctrl Wheel up/down Zoom in or out horizontally, centered at the mouse position
Horizontal Scroll Wheel up/down (over part arrangement area) Scrolls the Sequencer timeline horizontally
Vertical Scroll Wheel up/down (over track header area) Scrolls the Sequencer track/part area vertically
Vertically Scroll Piano Roll Wheel up/down (over piano keyboard in inline/popup editor) Scrolls the piano roll view up and down (also works to scroll the Synthesizer piano keyboard)
Select all notes at a certain pitch Ctrl-click piano keyboard (midi editor) Selects all note events in the current part at the pitch you click
Controller line tool Ctrl-drag (in controller lane) Sets values of selected controller (CC/velocity/etc) events according to the line you drag in the controller lane
Jump to marker 1-10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 When marker lane is showing, jump to markers 1-10
Jump to marker 11-20 Ctrl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 When marker lane is showing, jump to markers 11-20
Jump to marker 21-30 Ctrl Alt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 When marker lane is showing, jump to markers 21-30
Set left loop locator Ctrl left click Sets left loop locator if left click is done in timeline
Set right loop locator Ctrl right click Sets right loop locator if right click is done in timeline

Event List

Keyboard Control
Select event up/down arrows Step through events
Select note left/right arrows Step through note events only (MIDI editor)
Select range Shift up/down arrows Select a range of events
Delete Delete (default) Delete selected events (configurable in Setup)
Mouse Control
Select click Select clicked event only
Toggle selection Ctrl click Add or subtract clicked event from the total selection
Select range Shift click Select all events between selected event and clicked event
Context menu Right-click Selects clicked event (Shift-Right-click and Ctrl-Right-click also work) and opens a menu for the selected events (Currently the only option in the menu is "Delete")
Scroll Wheel up/down Scroll the event list view vertically


up/down arrows Select item
SPACE Toggle checkbox
TAB Switch between panes in Shortcuts tab


Keyboard Control
Select up/down arrows Select item
Range select Shift up/down arrows Select range
Page Up/Down PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN Scroll up/down by page
Home HOME Scroll to top
End END Scroll to bottom
Expand/Collapse left/right arrows Expand/collapse folder
Cancel ESCAPE Moves keyboard focus out of the Browser
Mouse Control
Preview click-hold Preview wav/aif sample
Context menu Right-click Context menu (Refresh, Add as Project/Plugin/Preset/Clip/Sample Folder, Add as Send, etc.)
Toggle selection Ctrl click Add or subtract clicked item from the total selection


up/down arrows (select item)
HOME (scroll to top)
END (scroll to bottom)
left/right arrows (expand/collapse folder)
SPACE (toggle checkbox)
ENTER (choose item and close menu)
ESCAPE (close menu)

Combo Box (Dropdown) Menu

up/down arrows (select item)
PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN (scroll up/down by page)
HOME (scroll to top)
END (scroll to bottom)
ENTER (choose item and close menu)
ESCAPE (close menu)
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