energyXT links

Other useful software

  • Wavosaur - Excellent free audio editor for Windows
  • Audacity - Free cross-platform audio editor
  • ASIO4ALL - Free universal ASIO driver
  • Notepad++ - Excellent free text editor for Windows
  • REX Shared Library - Needed for REX2 support
  • Lame - Needed for mp3 support
  • jackdmp - Multiprocessor version of jack, including a Windows version

Virtual MIDI drivers for Windows

Plugins made specifically for energyXT2

These may or may not be useful in other hosts, but allow you to use energyXT2 more effectively.

Modular MIDI Plugins

Linux VSTs

Here's a list of all the known native Linux VST plugins, for native VST hosts (energyXT, Jost, Renoise, Qtractor).

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