EVEN by pHz


July 20th, 2009:
returning to the XT2 fray (again) i cant help but fiddle with its appearance - a bit live-ish (circa version 5) this time possibly but i guess im still preoccupied by the idea of flat 'software looking' skins
there still seem to be some colour reversal issues between linux and windows - this one was built in linux but seems to load OK for me in the windows version too (seems the issues come with saving skins in windows and then opening them in linux ? )
July 21th, 2009:
minor tweaks if anyone cares

Download XT2___pHz_theme07b_EVEN.xtl

Originally posted at the energyXT forum at kvraudio: July 20th, 2009
The version here is the one with minor tweaks posted at: July 21th, 2009

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