Old Soul Burnished Gold

Old Soul Burnished Gold by Causalityloop


This is my own original design. It is based on the fact that gold never tarnishes. As gold ages, it gets redder underneath, less golden yellow in color with more platinum white gold on the surface. You at times see young people and children with this natural series of color in their hair on their head. Makes you wonder how old a soul they truly are? Gold is incorruptible and as such has always been the symbol for divinity in all cultures and religions on the face of the Earth.

The yellows and reds should help you connect into your divine self and help you to release your divine passions of love and hate; dualities that help you tell your musical story, as you have journeyed through life. All passion is spiritual in nature; the quality of the soul where all things become possible in God’s Spirit. Still, once you have forged your musical masterpiece, be it secular or spiritual, in the flames of fire and passion of trial and testing, it must be tempered and cooled, as it has taken form from the hot white light of spirit. Hence the use of the blues on the main mixing board to cool your final work down. White is used in the playing fields, symbolic of infinite possibility with the EnergyXT program, especially the sequencer field where light and dark exist for your pleasure and growth to explore.

This is true of all old souls in the Universe that have been around the system many a time. They never tarnish, but only get more divine with repeated experiences and lives lived. Still, even the soul needs times of rest and refreshing in the Spirit in between musical journeys in life so as to meditate and contemplate its path back toward God’s perfection in, contrast to it's experiences with the world's deficiencies which challenge it to love more perfectly, through whatever body it takes on.

This is the passion and insight behind my color design. May it equally inspire you to create wonderful works that appeal to the spirit, mind and body of your listeners, as well as to yourself.


Kevin F. Montague

Color Board Designer

Download Old Soul Burnished Gold - eXT Board Colors - Created by Kevin F. Montague.xtl

Originally posted at xt-user.com: June 9th, 2011

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