Click the toolbar icon, select "Show markers" from the Options menu, or press T to hide/show markers.

Press the "+" button or Ctrl T to add a marker. Markers are automatically numbered in order along the timeline.

The marker menu is accessible from the three dots to the left of the marker list.

To navigate between markers:

  • Click directly on the marker
  • Select the marker from the menu
  • Press keys 1..0 for marker 1-10, add ctrl for 11-20, add ctrl + alt for 21-30, when the Sequencer has keyboard focus
  • Use "Next marker" and "Prior marker" shortcuts
  • Send MIDI notes (white keys only) starting at C1 (note 36) if "Note trigger" is enabled

If triggered while playing, the playhead will jump to the next marker at the end of the current one.

Right-click on a marker to delete or rename it.

The "original documentation" from jorgen's post at KVR:

Btw, here's mini markers guide:


1) 't' - show/hide markers
2) ctrl + 't' - add marker of selected part(s) or if no parts selected, the loop region
3) ctrl + shift + 't' - delete active marker
4) numpad - 1..0 for marker 1-10, add ctrl for 11-20, add ctrl + alt for 21-30

marker menu:

1) keep remix - makes a new arrangement of the last played session
2) note trigger - use c1, d1, e1, f1, g1…etc to trigger markers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and up
3) delete all - all markers can be removed here

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