MIDI Export Workaround

(Note: this is not needed anymore, because XT2 now has MIDI export built-in.)

From robenestobenz at KVR:

There is a solution, but it's an ache.

Download the Energy XT 1.41 VST, load it into XT2, and route your MIDI track to it.

  1. Open up the XT vst, right click and select create new sequencer.
  2. Connect the brown socket of the Master In to the brown socket of the Sequencer.
  3. Still in the XT vst, double click on the sequencer to open it and go to options>sync mode on the top bar and select external.
  4. Click on the record button in the transport.
  5. Close down the XT Vst and go back to XT2.
  6. Select the range of the timeline that you want this MIDI feed into and then press play — the XT1 vst will automatically start recording.
  7. When the track's got to where you want, stop the transport, go back into the sequencer in the XT1 VST, select the newly recorded part and select Export from the file at the top menu. You can then save your MIDI.

If you want to record multiple MIDI tracks at once, after step 3 - still in the XT1 VST sequencer - press F9 and select manual from the "Rec" drop down box in the side panel that pops up. You can now arm each track individually, and also change the MIDI input channel of each. Then go back into XT2, and change the channel of your MIDI tracks to correspond to those you set up in XT1.

Not pretty, but quicker than it sounds.

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