Running XT2 From A Portable Drive

Since energyXT2 keeps all its settings in its own folder, it can be run completely from a portable drive, leaving the host system untouched. Also, ASIO is not required, so it should work on almost any system with a sound card. You can even run it from a floppy disk if you compress it with upx, but let's not get carried away. Any removable drive with a few free megabytes of space will work.

These instructions are for the Windows version, but you could probably do this for Linux and Mac as well, or even put all three versions on the same drive, just in case…

Files to copy

First, copy all the good stuff from the energyXT2 folder. In addition to the standard energyXT2 files and your favorite VSTs, it may be useful to include lame.exe for mp3 support.

As an example, make your folder structure look something like this:

  • Flash Drive (F:)
    • energyXT2\
      • clips\
      • looks\
      • presets\
      • projects\
      • samples\
      • temp\
      • energyXT2.exe
      • energyXT.ini
      • lame.exe
      • libaam.dll
      • xt.lck
    • VST\
      • energyXT2 VST.dll
      • energyXT.ini
      • lame.exe
      • xt.lck

Edit energyXT.ini

I recommend using Notepad++ to edit energyXT.ini. Don't use the Windows Notepad, as it will mess up the formatting.

Save a copy of energyXT.ini before editing it.

In energyXT.ini, change the paths in [ClipFolders], [ProjectFolders], [VSTFolders], [SampleFolders], and [PresetFolders] to paths relative to energyXT2.exe. That way, XT2 will still find the folders if the drive letter changes.

For our example, you would change the paths as follows:











Note that the VST folder is outside the energyXT2 folder, so we used “../VST” instead of just the folder name (you can use backslashes or forward slashes).

Also, in the [options] section, change the tempaudiofolder and theme paths. For example:




Then do the same for the VST version's energyXT.ini.

Other useful stuff

You may want other useful stuff on the drive, such as Wavosaur, an installer for ASIO4ALL, Linux and Mac versions of XT2, etc.

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