User Interface

Mouse Wheel

Almost all GUI controls in energyXT2 can be manipulated with the mouse wheel.

For value boxes, dropdowns, and faders, ctrl+wheel adjusts the control in single-step increments. Use ctrl+shift+wheel to adjust value boxes and faders (but not dropdowns) in 10-step increments.

Using the wheel in an open menu moves the mouse pointer through the menu.

Rolling the wheel over the dock bar switches between tabs.

Mouse Wheel in the Sequencer

In the part arrangement area, the wheel is used to scroll horizontally. To scroll vertically, use the wheel over the track header area. To zoom horizontally, hold ctrl while rolling the wheel. Zooming with the wheel is centered on the mouse cursor.

In the piano roll (inline or popup), using the wheel over the piano keyboard will scroll up and down the piano roll.

Value Box

A value box is usually a box with a number in it, sometimes with a horizontal bar in the background visualizing the current value.

Some examples of value boxes:

  • Tempo
  • Mixer pan
  • EQ gain
  • Send level
  • Multi Effect delay feedback
  • Synthesizer envelope curvature

Value boxes can be adjusted in four different ways:

  • Click and drag vertically with the mouse.
  • Double-click and type in a value. Press Enter to accept the value, or Escape to cancel editing.
  • Right-click on the left or right side of the box to decrease or increase the value by one step.
  • Hover over the box and use the mouse wheel, holding ctrl for one-step adjustments, or ctrl+shift for ten-step adjustments.


Click it to open a menu, or use ctrl+wheel to scroll through the choices.

Some dropdowns (mainly program selectors) also have left & right buttons for clicking through the choices without having to open the menu.


In energyXT2, faders are used for mixer volume levels, and the envelopes in the Sequencer.

Ways to adjust a fader:

  • Click the fader thumb and drag it.
  • Hover over the fader and use the mouse wheel, holding Ctrl for one-step adjustments, or Ctrl+Shift for ten-step adjustments.
  • Click and hold above or below the fader thumb to slide it up or down.


For menus with checkboxes, you can click the checkbox (or press the space bar) to toggle it without dismissing the menu. If you only want to toggle one checkbox, clicking the menu text next to the box (or pressing Enter) will toggle the item and dismiss the menu.

You can scroll through menu items using the arrow keys or the mouse wheel.

Pressing Escape closes a menu.


The look of energyXT2 can be heavily customized. See Looks.

Keyboard/Mouse Control

For a complete list of everything you can do with a keyboard (and keyboard+mouse), see the page on Keyboard Control.

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