Remaining Bugs/Limitations in energyXT 1.4.1


  • It says 28-feb-2006 but should be 2007 (workaround: change it with a hex editor)
  • Notes are 1 tick too long in imported midi files
  • Insert effect wet/dry level can't be automated
  • Most controls on built-in components can't be automated
  • Pan doesn't work with mono to stereo connections
  • Built-in components don't have a "Replace…" option like VSTs do
  • Only one level of undo, and only in sequencer and audio/MIDI editors

Main Mixer

  • No controls (fader, VU meter, inserts) for Master Out
  • It's almost impossible to click on a fader without moving it


  • Some GUI elements don't work with transparency (corrupted background):
    • Vertical zoom button in piano roll editor
    • "CC" button in piano roll editor
    • Etc.
  • Background of Setup window is only partially filled by bitmap (uses the fifth color for other areas)
  • "Color"-style horizontal fader thumb isn't saved correctly (use stretched bitmap instead)

VST Hosting

  • RCh field is inaccessible in GUI-less plugins due to the window size (workaround: use AutoHotkey to forcibly resize the window)
  • Only 128 values of resolution for parameters (workaround: automate very carefully with a hi-res envelope)
  • Reloading projects containing certain VSTs that have changed their number of outputs since saving the project causes a crash


  • Tempo track stops working if it goes too low
  • Hours:Mins:Secs clock gets weird when a tempo track is used
  • Enlarging a part from the left causes snap & quantize to be off (glue to fix)
  • You can "only" use about 559240 measures, but you can still scroll into the blank area past that
  • VSTs loaded into the sequencer have no midi output (workaround: connect the VST to S-Midi-Senderella inside an energyXT VST)
  • VSTs outside the sequencer don't get complete timing information (workaround: load the whole project in an energyXT VST inside a sequencer with external sync)


  • Changes to loop area in MIDI Part and Audio Part don't take effect until restarting playback.


  • "Legato" doesn't do anything in Envelope comp.
  • Release of ADSR (or anything after the loop area) in Envelope comp never happens.
  • A horizontal line appears when resizing the Envelope comp window (Workaround: think of it as a feature).

Mixer comp

  • Changing volume is non-interpolated (causes clicks)
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