VST Versions

Note: Currently, energyXT2 as a VST plugin is only available for Windows.

There are two versions of the VST:

  • energyXT2 VST.dll - Effect version. Has MIDI input and output, and stereo audio input and output.
  • energyXT2 VSTi.dll - Instrument version. Has MIDI input and output, and stereo audio output.

To sync the VST to the host, add a Sequencer inside energyXT2 VST. This works even if the sequencer is empty and not connected to anything.

When energyXT2 is synchronized with the host:

  • Start or stop host playback and XT2 will follow, in sync with the host's timeline
  • Changing the host tempo will change XT2's tempo
  • XT2 will loop the same section of the timeline as the host

If you do not want the Sequencer to sync to the host, uncheck “External sync” in the Options menu.

When XT2 is not synchronized with the host, you can still control XT2's transport and tempo from the host using the Controller Map.

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