The Welcome Screen

When starting energyXT2, you can optionally show the Welcome Screen:
Note: This also serves as the “New project” dialog (File > New… or Ctrl N).

Project templates:

  • Default - Based on the user-definable Default project.
  • Empty Project - Only contains an empty sequencer
  • Drum & Bass - Sequencer with one bass track (using the Synthesizer) and a Drum Track using the factory samples
  • MIDI Sequencer - Sequencer with 8 Instrument Tracks pre-routed to the MIDI Input
  • Multi-track recorder- Sequencer with 8 Audio Tracks pre-routed to the Audio Input
  • Guitar Project - Sequencer with an Audio Track with a Guitar Amp effect inserted, and a Drum Track
  • Modular setup - Completely blank project

To start a new project from one of these templates, select one and click OK.

Note: From the Welcome screen, clicking Cancel will start with a blank project like the Modular setup. From the New… dialog, it takes you back to the currently open project.

Other options:

  • Demo project - Opens “demosong.xt”1
  • Online Tutorials - A link to
  • Open recent - A dropdown menu containing a list of recently opened projects
  • Show at Startup - Does what it says. You can also change this option in the Global Setup.
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