energyXT Change Log

11-may-2016 energyXT 3.0 final

- no changes ? (probably no new features since 3.0 v2 beta, possibly one or another fix)

02-apr-2016 energyXT 3.0 v2 beta

- Wait note recording (right-click metronome for menu)
- Added chord comp to midi tracks
- Audio levels in mixer did not update when recording, now fixed
- Main display with song name now skinnable
- Added red clipping indicator to audio levels in mixer
- Added 'Pattern mode' to marker tracks
- Fixed - insert/remove bars in song will now update tempo and markers parts
- Fixed - saved xtc clip would not show in browser until re-launch
- Right-click to add chord from popup-list in piano roll
- Playback of frozen tracks was broken in last beta, now fixed
- Fixed - random crash with text input
- Markers will now loop only if loop is active
- Added track params to MIDI In comp editor (for mapping midi cc to VST params on the selected track in sequencer)

11-jan-2015 energyXT 3.0 v1 beta

- Multi-core support
- You can now enter chord names in object-bar to transpose selected notes (chord) to that chord
- Added option for velocity pattern in the Arp
- Added option to Append part (shift + ctrl + d), will double the content

06-may-2014 energyXT 2.7 final

- Track presets
- Add up to 8 favorite VST params for each track (using VST plugin) in the mixer with midi controller support
- Added support for VST IO changes
- Added level per audio clip
- The Editor Tab buttons can now be merged with main menu to save screen space (on by default)
- Preview loops in browser will now play in sync with song
- Mixer strip in sequencer now has audio output selector by track (and not per VST) for multi-out VST's
- Added transpose buttons to object bar
- New mixer panel in sequencer (like in v1.4)
- Render audio to drum pad
- Record VST automation with midi controllers (using favorite params mapping on track)
- Added Favorites section to browser
- Recording audio will now name the recorded files using the track name
- Drag & drop plugins on to midi tracks will now replace current plugin(s), unless shift or alt is pressed
- Copy/paste controller data
- Drag samples from audio pool to sampler
- Use Alt + Shift + Up/Down to change velocity and controllers by +/- 1
- Add MIDI track from track menu
- MIDI to markers on/off is now saved per project (and not global option)
- Invert selection
- Rewind will now restart current marker in marker-track mode
- Nicer logo in titlebar
- Fixed a multi-timbral bug as midi events was not sent in sorted order when mulitple tracks routed to the same instrument
- EQ track automation had the numbers of EQ 1-4 reversed, now fixed
- Fixed bug with recording the EQ gain knob
- You can now modify the selected pitch bend event in objectbar
- Copy/paste controllers in to part didn't work when mouse was inside the controllers lanes, now fixed
- Object bar didn't display note length in last beat, now fixed
- Fixed crash when loading XTC clips with missing VST plugin
- Fixed crash when adding midi out device to a tack containing a VST
- Fixed issue with custom volume knob image and old skin. Skins made in 2.7 beta v2 may have to be fixed manually
- Duplicate track will now also copy arp data
- Enter values for velocity and controller data manually in object bar
- Added speedbuttons for transposing by octave in objectbar
- Width of track panel now saved with project
- Added mute/solo highlight state in gui editor
- Fixed bug with arp and hanging notes
- Fixed bug with drgging automation and parts with trimmed start
- Fixed some flatten bugs related to sampe rate
- Fixed bugs with SF2 loop points and sample rate
- Fixed step rec bug on linux
- Will now show warning when trying to overwrite read-only project++ 25-nov-2011 energyXT 2.6 final
- Fixed bug with time view and tempo changes
- Added option to delete all tempo markers
- Drag samples from audio pool into sequencer
- Drag samples from audio pool into drum sampler
- Process Random now also works with selected events only

18-nov-2011 - energyXT 2.6 beta

- Arpeggiator always played back on midi channel 1, now fixed using the channel of the midi input
- Fixed bug with invert zoom
- Note preview will now use velocity from the note (instead of fixed)
- Fixed GUI bug with enabled/disable midi devices and resetting scrollbars
- You can now change color of step rec cursor
- You can now replace drums kit on drum tracks with new drum preset or rex file
- Fixed tempo track (sync) bug with starting playback of audio track from middle of sample
- Fixed drawing audio part waveform content when using tempo changes
- Fixed various audio editing bugs related to tempo track
- Drum parts can now be processed with Reverse, Half tempo and Double tempo
- Added 'Random' to MIDI and Drum process menu (will randomly re-order all events in part)
- Minor GUI improvements
- Added skinning options for main toolbar and multi-effect panels

30-jul-2011 - energyXT 2.6 beta

- Fixed drag & drop indicator on drum track panel
- Added option to invert mouse zoom
- Tempo track
- Fixed a bug with some plugins and render using different sample on export and audio playback
- Added speed button for zoom selection in sequencer
- Split at cursor (Ctrl + K) now also works on events in-track and in the part editor
- MIDI thru button on drum track was missing (when in Manual midi thru mode), now fixed
- Arpeggiator gate and shuffle was not updated in GUI when changed by CC, now fixed
- Recording automation from VST GUI now works with multiple tracks routed to the same VST

18-nov-2010 - energyXT 2.6 beta

- Added support for fractional tempo
- Added shortctus for vertical zoom (ctrl +/-)
- You can now drag & drop tracks in and out of folders
- Fixed a bug with duplicate drum track and drum events not showing
- Fixed a bug with midi mapping/control
- Added 'Disk full' warning
- Shift select part didnt work when in-rack editing, now fixed
- Mixer strip in sequencer now has a channel selector for multi-out instruments
- Added half/double tempo to MIDI process menu
- Fixed bug with MIDI values out of range (when drag insert cc events etc)
- Changing patches in the VST editor window does not update the object bar, now fixed
- Crash when sample is made much shorter in "stretch" mode, now fixed

1-oct-2010 - energyXT 2.5.4 final

- no changes?

24-sept-2010 - energyXT 2.5.4 beta

- Added drum name and preview in popup editor
- Drag & drop plugins from browser to tracks and insert/send fx slots did not update recent items, now fixed
- Will now highlight EQ/FX section title if in use (must be set in skin: mixer > fx secction > highlight)
- Added cross delay param for multi-effect

17-sept-2010 - energyXT 2.5.4 beta

- 'first note recording' bug fixed
- gui was missing on several plugins on mac, now fixed
- popup drum editor
- vertical zoom in popup editor and in-track editor
- drag rex file into tracks panel to create drum track, drum part and load the samples
- option to always show the modular tab
- fixed drawing bug with audio region/selection
- you can now use image for selected track and part
- you can now skin the selection region in the editors
- adding new controller lane's in the popup editor didnt get selected in view by default, now fixed
- convert audio parts to mono
- added recording latency option in audio setup
- will now attempt to recover a project when encountering errors when loading (caused by a plugin or simular)
- freeze drum track could crash if using long samples, now fixed
- VST version will now sync to host in modular view (without sequencer comp)
- Enable auto update on linux could crash, now fixed
- Duplicater track
- MIDI In comp now has its own 'editor' window with midi keyboard and option for quantize and velocity sens
- MIDI part quantize length, slice and reverse
- MIDI part legato and fixed length
- MIDI part delete doubles
- Sampler and drum samplers loop markers could get stuck outside the view, now fixed
- Added public/private option for Soundcloud add-on, and will now also show the URL of the upload file on success

1-july-2010 - energyXT 2.5.3 final

- Removed non-functional 'Add…' item in instrument track context-menu on the top of the sub menus under 'Output' (broken in previous beta).

18-jun-2010 - energyXT2.5.3 beta

- Replaced Add track sub menu with new add track dialog (shortcut ctrl + i) with option to insert multiple tracks
- Set song pos now snaps to quantize resolution (broken in beta)
- Use num keys to play/record drum sampler (drum sampler must be open)
- Fixed problem with freeze/bounce
- Trying to export an "empty" selection would create an empty wav, now fixed
- You can now change values fields (tempo/pan etc) by dragging mouse sideways in addition to the old up/down behavior
- Drag samples from windows explorer to drum sampler and then play pad could crash, now fixed

4-jun-2010 - energyXT2.5.3 beta

- Fixed bug with preivewing xtc clips on Snow leopard (may fix the shutdown bug as well)
- Fixed shutdown bug on Win7
- Added option for filled or outlined part fill color (see file > options > global)
- Willl now autmoatically check for updates (optinal: see file > options > global)
- Import REX will now show one item in the Audio pool instead of one for each slice
- Export directly to your SoundCloud account (currently only win/mac)

31-mar-2010 - energyXT2.5.3 beta

- You can now "flatten" multi-event audio parts to single event audio parts
- Export MIDI will now convert drum events to notes
- Using Markers would crash if removing or not having a MIDI in comp, now fixed
- Undo add sequencer in modular view would lead to crash, now fixed
- Fixed bug with dragging notes below C-2 with preview enabled
- Selecting image in GUI editor would crash, now fixed

12-mar-2010 - energyXT2.5.3 beta

- Drum track insert effect wet level was not saved with project, now fixed
- Added option to show/hide the Modular tab in the Windows menu
- Fixed bug with setting loop and position to new Timesig changes
- Fixed memory leak in undo buffer
- Deleted VST's in undo buffer are now suspended
- Pads in drum sampler are now skinnable
- Fixed timesig bug, numbers overlapping
- Loops & clips section in browser will now show mp3 files
- Set loop region with ctrl + left/right click
- Added recent projects to file menu
- Snap to initial pos ignored when snap is off and moving events

11-jan-2010 - energyXT2.5.3 beta

- Added option to render/bounce selected parts only
- Playlist (file mapper) for loading projects by program change (see File menu)
- Master Time signature track
- Soundfont support
- Improved scrollbar in part editor
- Track name not imported on some MIDI files, now fixed
- Sampler can now show more than 32 programs
- Fixed external MIDI out event bug (extra data on some drivers) on win
- Open sample in external audio editor (see process menu)
- Moved sequencer program dropdown to bottom of view next to scrollbar
- Added monitor volume control in main toolbar (has no effect on render/bounce)
- You can now record playing the drum pads with the mouse

13-nov-2009 - energyXT 2.5.2

- Mac version didn't always list all midi input and output devices, now fixed

2-nov-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Improved scrollbar behavior in sequencer
- When importing drum track xtc files, will now only merge samples if sample set is 100% identical in both file and track
- Changed order of EQ bands in mixer from low > high
- New shortcut (default '5') to rewind to last play position
- New shortcuts (default shift + 'x' and shift + ctrl + 'x') to toggle quantize values
- Check for update no longer needs to quit energyXT before checking

9-oct-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Default project option didnt work with the VST version when creating new instance, now fixed
- Freeze will now bypass VST instruments also when song is stopped
- Added volume control for preview in browser
- Importing from MIDI files will now get the midi channel from events if not specified on the track
- DirectSound playback broken in last beta, now fixed
- You can now use png for skinning the mixer volume knob

23-sept-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Autoupdate
- You can now rearrange tracks by drag & drop
- Drag & drop replace samples in Drum editor
- Drag & drop rearrange samples in Drum editor
- Added new action for 'loop selection' (ctrl+P), without changing playback
- Mouse resize hotspot now relative to part size, making it easier to move parts when zoomed out

24-july-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Fixed problem with open project after using markers and keep remix

16-july-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Mouse-click outside markers would click, fixed
- "Keep remix" didnt always truncate length of part inside marker, now fixed
- Preview invalid xtc clip in browser would crash, now fixed

15-july-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Live markers in sequencer
- You can now import midifile from file menu
- You can now skin the main transporter with png (with alpha support)
- Added option to save live marker session in to new arrangement

3-july-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- Modular view now has VST plugins on right-click menu
- Preview REX files in browser
- Preview XTC files in browser
- Added shortcut (default 'p') for preview on/off

12-jun-2009 - energyXT2.5.2 BETA

- step recording
- drum sound preview in drum editor
- note preview in piano-roll
- import midi file didnt set track names, now fixed
- alt + mouse click to insert notes and then drag to resize didnt snap correctly to grid, now fixed
- the sampler is now using note value and not midi number for displaying the org.key
- automation lookahead when starting/loop playback
- added "Recent" VST plugins section to sequencer menu
- added "Recent" VST plugins section in mixer

23-mar-2009 - energyXT2.5.1

- ?

17-mar-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- VST version didnt include the default drum kit, now fixed
- Drag-insert MIDI controllers didnt use the track's MIDI ch, now fixed

13-mar-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- insert note/midi event with mouse didnt copy the midi channel from the track, now fixed
- fixed note length and mici ch on exported midi
- export midi using locators if loop enabled
- fixed "MIT-SHM" error on linux

9-mar-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- fixed a few MIDI export issues

27-feb-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- export to MIDI file
- the samples section in browser didnt show mp3 files, now fixed
- it was possible to drag the main window behind the os menu on MacOSX, now fixed

13-feb-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- create new sequencer manually in modulat views and dock to new page would crash, now fixed
- load an .fxb file and the new preset name is not listed until you refresh its display, now fixed
- parameter changes (via automation or changing programs, for example) aren't shown in the display of a non-GUI plugin until you click on it, now fixed
- recording new part(s) didnt un-select already selected parts, now fixed
- crash when attempting to paste MIDI notes into an audio part in the popup editor, now fixed

5-feb-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- when an invalid project folder path is specified in Setup, saving a new file (without specifying a full path) fails, now fixed. This fix also applies to saving presets and clips
- crash when muting/unmuting a part on a frozen track during playback, now fixed
- changing the loop settings in the meter could sometimes make the track list scroll, now fixed
- snap settings in sequncer now saved with song
- having VST versions and standalone in the same folder causes crash when adding the VST into it (due to libaam.dll)
- using ctrl-mousewheel to move faders is upside-down, now fixed
- "Bar" snap was always 4 quarter notes regardless of time signature, now fixed

30-jan-2009 - energyXT2.5.1 BETA

- export audio using multiple audio outs in project could crash, now fixed
- scrollbars in modular view would reset wen changing view, now fixed and scroll pos is also saved
- will now load aif files in drum sampler and synthesizer
- added workaround for lame on mac, will now support having lame in energyXT folder
- click close main button on mac would prompt for save changes twice, now fixed
- song pos wasnt restored after render, now fixed
- undo text with audio process reverse and fade in/out was wrong, now fixed
- you can now drag & drop .xt files into energyXT to open projects
- upgrading VST plugin's where new version having more inputs and/or outputs than old version could lead to crash on older projects, now fixed

15-jan-2009 - Version 2.5

(Unofficial change list)
- official manual
- boxed version
- etc.

14-nov-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

(Unofficial change list)
- fixed: VST GUI window doesn't have a bottom border.

18-aug-2008 - (unofficial) energyXT2.x BETA

- multi-track export didnt remove empty tracks, now fixed
- new verison of jack.cpp for linux uploaded with some minor fixes (removed mutex, fixed midi in)
- you can now create new folder from folder window in export project as multi-track
- improved disk layout in browser (see Disks section) on mac/linux
- fixed random crash on recording to very slow disk

1-aug-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- fixed send level bug (problem with multi-out plugins in combination with plugins with pdc)
- multi-track export didnt use bits and mono/stereo from the export dialog, now fixed
- fixed a rare playback bug with drum tracks
- drum events was painted outside part, now fixed
- dropdown window was outside screen, now fixed

11-july-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- added option to export one file per track

30-june-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- you can now copy/paste a selection of audio sample
- cut selection of audio sample (making sample shorter)
- add track using keybord shortcut would crash, now fixed
- folder setup window didnt show up automatically on missing plugin, now fixed
- glue audio part but with only one part selected would hide events, now fixed
- drum track vol/pan/mute/solo didnt have any effect on send levels on each drum, now fixed
- changing eq frequency with mouse now has finer resolution on lower frequencies
- audio selection now works with current snap settings
- improved copy/paste events
- cut/paste parts, events and audio selection
- metronome sometimes out of sync when recording
- drag effects from browser into drum strip send section didnt add audio cable
- fixed various minor linux issues
- fixed bug with sending multiple midi events from the VST plgin version

5-june-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- gui on linux now much faster
- add new drum track wil now not add factrory samples, only when added from quick add track button
- added reverse to process menu
- factory drum kits didnt work on ppc mac, now fixed

30-may-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- you can new edit a selection of a sample with normalize, cut, trim, fade in and out
- added option for welcome screen (see setup > global > startup)
- added some more project templates in File > New
- you can now remove all unused samples in audio pool
- added support for set as default project
- compressor ratio was displayed inverted in gui, now fixed
- fixed denorminalisation bug on filter effect
- could not add drum events after creating drum & bass template, now fixed
- re-order sends and drop fx, didnt update drum sound send leves, now fixed
- mixer strip in drum editor didnt show all fx, now fixed
- added simple factory drumset to drum sampler
- added more presets to synthesizer
- random track color (turn on/off in options) is now more colorfull

24-may-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- you can now collapse EQ and FX sections in mixer to minimize vertically space
- new guitar amp effect with clean, crunch and dirty amp types
- added vol/pan control to drum pads
- added the drum mixer as a side panel instead of as a separate view
- fade in/out on audio clip didnt work properly when starting playback in middle of clip
- quick add track menu didnt show VST plugins in alphabetical order, now fixed
- fixed audio recording bug, would not always start recording on some pc
- crash when pressing Tab key while a menu is open, now fixed
- crash after adding new sequencer and showing mixer, now fixed
- pan value box in overlay mode couldnt be set to negative values, now fixed
- open or create new project is not available while recording
- track monitor/midi thru button was on top of solo button, now fixed
- internal dealy effect was out of sync after changing sample rate, now fixed
- pressing home key in piano roll didnt update scrollbar, now fixed
- bounce "left to right locator" always added new sample at the beginning of the timeline, now fixed

16-may-2008 - energyXT2.x BETA

- You can now add VSTs from right-click on track in sequencer
- You can now add VSTs from right-click on FX slots in mixer
- Added support for normalize audio files
- Duplicate sequencer could sometimes cause a crash, now fixed
- Back space now works also as delete
- Fixed bug with Back space and delete key on MacOSX
- MIDI playback only worked on first arrangement in sequencer, now fixed
- Added loop button in master transporter
- New speedbutton for adding tracks and plugins in sequencer
- New channel strip in sequencer with option to show/hide eq, sends, insert
- Will now zoom in/out at songpos when autoscroll is enabled
- New drum editor
- You can now solo drum sounds
- Added piano keys to Synthesizer
- Export to mp3 (lame)
- Drag & drop mp3 into sequencer, will import mp3 as wav file (lame)
- You can now set fade in/out on samples
- Added option to manually crossfade to samples (shift + x)
- Added bit crusher effect with sample rate degrader
- Added filter effect
- Drum track now has support for send levels on each drum
- You can now beatslice samples in sequencer
- You can now autoslice samples in sequencer
- Added speedbuttons for adding effects on mixer strip

1-mar-2008 - Version 2.0.7

- Adding notes to MIDI part after gluing two ghost parts could sometines crash, now fixed
- Saving project to new folder/location on disk will now copy over all samples, not only those located in audio folder
- Audio in on Mac
- Saving a project will now use a "temp file" while writing to disk. In case anything goes wrong (crash, freeze, lock-up), the old project file will not be overwritten/corrupted.
- You can now use alt-right-click to slice samples inside audio parts with multiple events
- Split multi-event audio part would cut off sample on right side of split location, now fixed
- Added external MIDI out on Mac
- Right-click popup menu on second monitor would show menu on first monitor, now fixed

1-feb-2008 - Version 2.0.6

- Added tempo to MIDI mapping
- When using Multi-effect as insert FX, automation of power and wet/dry didnt work, now fix
- Removed VST entry from Shortcut list in Options, didnt have any actions associated with it
- Changed default shortcut for Loop to "L" and Record to "R" (more laptop friendly)
- Country specific characters wasnt supported in Rename and File dialogs, now fixed
- MIDI controlling synthesizer didnt update the value boxes, now fixed

18-jan-2008 - Version 2.0.5

- Added Ctrl + B as default shortcut for "Bounce to new audio track"
- Mixer filter popup was shoing "Comps" instead of "Components", fixed
- Cancel Boune to track would create an empty audio file, now delete from disk
- Shortcut text for scroll up/down octave in Setup was reversed, now fixed
- Added limit to zoom-in
- Saving a project with audio folder to new location, will make copy of files in audio folder and store it in the new location
- You can now copy linked files to audio folder, without having to create the audio folder first. (Project must be saved)
- You can now copy ALL samples to audio folder
- added icons to browser
- added option to add/change VST plugin folder(s) when opening a project with VST not found
- some shortcuts keys wasnt displayed properly in options (INS, PAGEUP/DOWN, END)
- read/write AIF files
- Comps in Browser renamed to "Components", Comps in Tab bar renamed to Modular (only in New projects), Duplicate renamed to Repeat

21-dec-2007 - Version 2.0.4

- You can now route midi tracks to audio and drum (for automation over multiple clips)
- Record automation directly from VST gui and mixer channel
- You can now copy samples to project audio folder
- Added option to remove and delete unsused samples from project
- Render to wav will now set project name as default filename
- Add audio track will now automatically route default audio in to the track
- Position/time display in transporter
- External MIDI out (win)
- You can now map midi cc to transporter play, stop, rew and record (double-click to midi learn)
- you can now customize gui
- added time-sig to sequencer
- Fixed. Clicking on a multi-sample audio part while the Direction or the Resample dropdown menu is open causes a crash
- Fixed. Crash when you add a VST with no audio outs as a send effect
- Fixed. Previewed (clicked in browser) samples aren't released from memory.
- VST version: removed settings for audio/midi from the Setup window, not needed
- Drop sample in sequencer will now update audio pool
- Freeze, render to track and audio recording will now auto create audio folder for project if needed
- Added midi input sensitivity on midi and drum tracks
- Changing track while playing MIDI keyboard resulted in hanging notes, now fixed
- Metronome out of sync if jumping to locators while playing, now fixed
- Tab and return key didnt work with RGB values in color dialog, now fixed
- Some VST MIDI only plugins didnt work properly, now fixed
- Fixed bug with dragging file form browser in VST version
- Saving project with mising or faulty plugins could corrupt project, now fixed
- Project folder in browser now only shows folders with xt files (also hiding audio folders)
- Tooltip is now displyed in the main toolbar, also showing the shortcut key
- Changing the keyboard shortcuts wasnt saved, now fixed
- The File dialog was not showing long filenames properly, now fixed
- Browser will now hide all sub folders that doesnt contain VST plguins
- Browser will now show only files of interest for presets, plugins, clips and samples
- Using plugin folders with '[' and ']' in the foldername didnt show in browser, now fixed
- Browser listing wasnt alphabetical on all file systems, now fixed
- drop preset in synth will now replace current preset, unless when in the "Bank" page
- added undo support for drag & drop synth preset
- added ctrl up/down as shortcutd for move tracks up/down
- size of browser is now a global setting and not saved per project
- popup piano roll didn't scroll all the way down to C-2, now fixed
- added about menu link to turotials and homesite
- save synth program, will now suggest program name as file
- added drag & drop window
- VST effect version didnt have any sound in some hosts (Live, FL Studio), now fixed
- in VST version tempo and loop was still locked to host when external sync disabled, now fixed
- scrolling in-track MIDI track didnt update piano display, now fixed
- jamstick didnt sync and update gui properly becuase of timeinfo incomplete, now fixed

11-aug-2007 - Version 2.0.2

- Added tripplets to arpeggiator
- Fixed automation bug

10-aug-2007 - Version 2.0.1

- Classic arp in sequencer and Comps view
- Added option to turn "sync to host" on/off in VST version
- VST version didnt play properly in loop wen syncing to host, now fixed
- last version was sending out all notes off to VST's on initialization, this could crash some VST (like amplitube2), now fixed
- drag-connecting midi and audio cables in comp view would alwyas connect to the first port, now fixed
- Dragging loop with mouse outside editor window would keep scrolling, now fixed
- Scrolling in event list would corrupt event time display, now fixed
- Page up/down will now scroll by octave in piano roll, now fixed
- You can now drag .xte files into the comp view

10-july-2007 - Version 2.x beta

- using mouse wheel could crash some VST's, now fixed
- you can now use ',' and '.' to scroll horizontally in editors
- smoother/faster scrolling when dragging selection or moving parts
- 'o' now also works in popup editor
- shortcuts for zoom in/out didnt zoom in center of view, now fixed
- dropping files into sequencer resulting in new track being created didnt scroll the new track into view, now fixed
- added undo/redo to menu in popup editor

06-july-2007 - Version 2.x beta

- drag select notes could sometimes select other midi messages as well, now fixed
- drag insert midi events would add multiple events at same location, now fixed
- drag and drag format 0 midi files into sequencer has issues with note lengths, now fixed
- use left/right keys will to select parts and events
- use ctrl + left/right to move any event
- you can now move any event with the move buttons in the object-bar
- zoom selection didnt redraw screen, now fixed
- mixer program dropdown now works
- object-bar didnt show length box in popup editor when selecting notes with different lengths, now fixed
- added 'o' as default shortcut for object-bar show/hide
- drum part didnt have move up/down buttons in object-bar, now fixed
- use alt + up/down to change velocity, control change, drum vol/pan/cutoff and parameter values in-track
- press stop (numpad 0) when already stopped, will send "all sounds off" to all VST instruments
- added midi receive channel to VTS/sampler (default all channels)
- VST version didnt show the VST program name, now fixed
- VST version didnt draw waveforms after loading, now fixed

29-june-2007 - Version 2.x beta

- re-loading projects with tempo synced VST plugins could give a load error, now fixed
- after mapping to a VST param, the original CC messages was still passed on to the VSTi, now fixed
- manually editing setting cc on controller map didnt dis-arm midi learn, now fixed
- the same cc message could not be mapped to multiple VST's, now fixed
- changing program with shortcuts in controller map didnt update display, now fixed
- playing stretched sample in reverse could add a click at the end, now fixed
- changed "New" track to "Insert" track in sequencer track menu
- rendering to wav was including metronome, now fixed
- freeze track would sometimes play at wrong pitch, now fixed
- editing automation on audio tracks would duplicate sample playback, now fixed
- mixer automation didnt work with frozen tracks, now fixed
- line edit channel pressure didnt work, now fixed
- ctrl + a to select all in piano roll didnt update object-bar, now fixed
- selecting events in event-list didnt update object-bar, now fixed
- drag and drop multiple synth-presets into sequencer would crash, now fixed
- creating a new Audio out comp would add a random audio cable, now fixed
- ctrl + click comps will not make a copy unless you move the mouse 8 pixels
- render to new track was post master fader, now fixed
- render didnt include frozen tracks, now fixed
- changing tempo didnt redraw sample clips with mew size, now fixed
- added save as xtc to popup menu in sequencer
- added undo/redo to sequencer menu

15-june-2007 Version 2.0

(Unofficial change list)
Fixed bugs:
- Snap actions have no effect when inside the part editors.
- Action for auto-scroll doesn't work when editor is in focus
- Extending the start of a drum clip will cause new notes to be placed on unexpected beats
- Moving a part in the sequencer while its pop-up editor is open makes the pop-up editor go blank.
- Line tool (ctrl+drag) doesn't work for pitch wheel
- If you drag a drum track .xtc to the sequencer while the track's new, empty drum sampler is open, you will never be able to see or edit that kit in the drum sampler editor.
- The 4 envelopes ALL simultaneously effect what ever parameters I have listed on the right. Same for LFO's.
- Until you pull the drop-down, the mixer has two presets. "Program" and "". "" is dead and will not let you choose what to show.
- First midi clip in a new sequencer is called "Noname" instead of "midi". Adding a 'dash number' to the end of default names on new clips would be very nice.
- When the Event List or Object-bar are visible, their "Show" entries in the Options menu are not checked
- In the part editor menu it says "Remeber note length" instead of "Remember note length"
- Adjusting the parameter of any drum from the kit editor will always affect the last clicked on drum, no the one adjusted. Display (except for pan) is changed on adjusted drum while sound is changed on last clicked on.
- Drum Tracks default to no midi input (should inherit same behavior as midi tracks)
- Audio editor has midi editor's "show note names" and "remember note length"
- No pitch control in object bar or controller lane for samples in a clip [when clip is created by drag to track; works for glued]
- When I Save a song, the Browser tree collapses to the second level
- Midi out appears in main's right click menu, but not in the browser Comps folder
- Next/Last program action doesn't work on Controller Map
- Cannot always see object bar in single sample clip editor (Have to first select sample, then add controller lane)
"length" exists for Normal samples but apparently does nothing. (Fixed in popup editor only)
- Docking a VSTi to a Sequencer page causes some graphics corruption
- Crash when playing reversed stretched audio
New stuff:
- REX2 support
- Icon
- Installer (optional)
- demo songs, clips, and presets
- New look for dock bar
- Reverse audio in inline editor
- Performance improvements
- Smaller file size

Changes before version 2.0

energyXT 1.x Change Log (Note: energyXT 1.x is a different product; the change log is included here for reference only)

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